Hello there. We are a small tech-support group consisting of 17 people that has been in practice for the last 6 years in Galesburg, Illinois and we’d like to share the story of how Nutrisystem and their entire crew changed the mood in our working spaces for the better. I’m fully aware that you’re here looking for a Nutrisystem coupon code, but I think it would be beneficial knowing how the office’s lifestyle and environment has changed since we took the meal plan on in order for you to have the willpower to stick to it. Because it is hard. It’s extremely hard. Running a team of 17 as the head is harder in practice than in words when you’re not just leading a team of tech-supporters but a team full of different attitudes and personalities with regards to almost everything.

The differences usually appeared even more prominent during lunch recess after a hard time dishing out advice and supporting customers that follow up on everything like a pack of wolves. The frustrations were most prominent during lunch due to a lot of things that usually boiled down to how bad the lunch was. Everyone would complain about the food. And for good reason. I knew how bad the lunch was too, but we didn’t have an alternative. A few years back though, my husband had recently started on a diet from Nutrisystem referred to her by a close family friend. Everything about the diet including the Nutrisystem coupons sounded amazing.

When I grabbed a better understanding of it, it looked a very feasible meal plan in terms of our working system and when I discussed this with my colleagues we decided to go on ahead and give it a try. I mean, the meals looked delicious, the prices were unbelievable, and the best bit was that they were small, portioned meals throughout the day rather than being a single heavy meal after noon. We talked to the specialists working for Nutrisystem and they devised a meal-plan specifically just for our team. It was great. The results were better than we could’ve imagined them to be.

Even the worst tech-related questions can’t turn our mood off

Working in a tech-support group can be extremely testing, especially if a very tech-innocent caller happens to be on the other end of the phone asking about details regarding where “my pc” is, or how to restart a Wi-Fi router (although the latter is more rare than the former). The frustration used to rise when seeing their usual routine food on their tables during recess and we’d be gritting our teeth as we answered our customers. It wasn’t the best thing to be witnessing, working at a center which is supposed to be calm, cool, and responsible in its response to its customers. But starting with Nutrisystem changed all of that as we got to have the meals that we wanted, the meals we deserved after an intense back-and-forth conversation with one customer for the entirety for the morning. The desserts added to the feeling of happiness for how well-suited our meal plans were to our needs. Getting our Nutrisystem promo code then, now feels like the best situation we could’ve ever made.

Nutrisystem easy on the company budget

Of course, what a small group like ours needed to worry about most was its budget, and Nutrisystem fit into it without even trying. At just $10 per day spent on 6 meals spread throughout the course of the day, Nutrisystem was a blessing in disguise for our budget, at a time when were simply looking for nutritious yet tasty food that can help us lose weight. In exchange for a $14 per meal once a day brought from a local canteen, which to be honest, never really gelled well with any of our team’s members, we were getting a complete meal package for 17 people at a meagre $170 spent per day, and that’s without the discount. With a Nutrisystem discount code like the ones we have been using for the past two years now, Nutrisystem meals are even cheaper. Costing us less than $150 a day. This has influenced quite a few members of our team to suggest the Nutrisystem meal plans at home for other family members as well.

Nutrisystem food on the go

It can be extremely hard for a member of our team to catch up on recess at the same time as the rest if the client is still hung on the phone, and although eating alone isn’t a problem, preparing/ordering meals is. So, when we learnt that we could have our meals delivered at home and then simply heated in the microwave to be ready to serve, we couldn’t really look at any other option for a new meal plan. We knew this was the one we wanted. It saves both the company and the employee a lot of time in preparation of the meal, and regardless of how impatient you are, the food is ready in a matter of minutes. Amazing, right? So of course we start getting promo codes for our daily meals. There was no other choice.



  • Meals are spread out to six portions, which hurts productivity and momentum.
  • Extremely tempting to move away from the plan followed
  • A new meal plan had to be devised for each and every member of the company so it was time consuming to begin the plan

Thanks to Nutrisystem, our working space has never felt lighter and fresher. As a leader of this group, I feel like choosing Nutrisystem to provide our meals for us has been my best decision yet. I’m sure my colleagues feel the same.